Is there any greater struggle than finding the perfect gift for someone you love? Despite my life as an artist, I spent years attempting to find gifts for others that truly represented them as people and my care for their contributions in my life. Hours spent hunting for hidden gems and digging through cluttered shelves to find that one thing that called to them felt fruitless and lackluster. 

On occasions, I got lucky. But the nagging sensation that something was missing never left. 

As children, giving gifts comes naturally--we give away the things we create with hopes of spreading joy. Then something is lost along the years as we grow and fall into the draw of the perfect trendy purchase. But it came to me on one magic day: the perfect gift could be created by hand, with someone else’s happiness in mind. 

I started making greeting cards, bookmarks, paintings, and drawings as gifts with the intention of spreading peace, love, and happiness. I quickly realized what a difference that handmade and thoughtful gifts meant to others.

At times I forgot that not everyone can make handcrafted items, or has the time to spend creating. As people our skills are wide and varied; mine reside with the arts, while others might excel in creating a spreadsheet (a task I can’t even begin to consider!). 

So, combining my love of trees, representations of nature, and artistic ability, The Healing Tree Studio was created. There is something universal about nature and its message to the world. So using trees as a primary focus, I began to create one-of-a-kind art, bookmarks, and note cards, each telling a unique story of life’s journey. The Healing Tree Studio offers one-of-a-kind items that you can identify with. These lovingly handmade pieces suggest that if you were to make it, you would exclaim, “THIS IS PERFECT!”

Everyone has a story to tell, and sometimes we find items that relate to or express a part of this story. Thank you for supporting mine by checking out The Healing Tree Studio. Feel free to share your tree story with me as we embark on this journey together--and in the meantime, happy shopping! 

Thank you for stopping by and take a look at my creations. And remember to sign up for updates on new items.

-Jeffrey Locke Lemert
Always stop and enjoy The Art of The Tree
You can reach me at jeffrey@TheHealingTreeStudio.com


Jeffrey Locke Lemert owner of The Healing Tree Studio