Among the busy flow of day to day life, it’s easy to lose our direction and our drive, to feel stuck in a repetitive rut. I know I did, years ago, and in the time before I called myself an artist I asked myself what I wanted from this life: was I seeking that spark that could change the course of my world? Had I discovered my true and momentous calling? 


I found myself in the bristles of a paintbrush. I reclaimed my joy in great swirls of color, sweeping washes of tone and hue and chroma. I welcomed art into my life, and never looked back. 


The Healing Tree Studio began as a way to create the perfect gift. Through the combination of my love for trees, representations of nature, and artistic ability, I spent years developing one-of-a-kind bookmarks, greeting cards, and unique pieces of art. These artworks are near and dear to my heart; as I continue to create them today, they represent my appreciation for others and a desire to spread joy. I realized that there is something universal about nature and how it supports us. So The Healing Tree Studio was born to do just that--heal. To spread love through art handmade with care. To share a profound appreciation of nature and all its beauty. 


While the creation of handmade gifts is a primary function of the Healing Tree Studio, this work also led me to dive deeper into art that is even more personal and special. When I’m not creating my bookmarks and greeting cards, I’m painting on a larger scale, building fine art pieces that represent my emotions and how they’re reflected in the grand and beautiful world around us. These paintings are journeys that anyone can connect to. They represent our universal exploration of life and every open door it has to offer. 


Everyone has a story to tell. Right now you’re reading mine--hopefully someday, I’ll be reading yours too. It’s a beautiful thing when we find creative outlets that relate to or express a part of this story. I hope you find a piece of yourself among my artworks, and that you’re able to continue sharing the love that The Healing Tree Studio puts out into the universe.


Let’s embark on this joyful journey together--and in the meantime, happy shopping! 

Jeffrey Locke Lemert owner of The Healing Tree Studio